DEnDE go DEEP, go further!


The DEnDE software consists in the computing of a set of seismic attributes which are based on a spectral decomposition that is calculated by the continuous wavelet transformation method. In order to achieve the best possible results, DEnDE software makes strong use of interactive and graphical tools such as seismic probes, graphs, etc., which helps the user with the algorithm’s parameterization as well as with the analysis of the problem. DEnDE software has previously been developed by Petrobras as a standalone application, further on becoming a Petrel plug-in developed by DeepSoft. In the version developed by DeepSoft, the DEnDE seismic attributes and algorithms started to work in fully integration with the Petrel software program, which ended up bringing huge gains of productivity to its users. These productivity gains happen due to the no longer needed applications transporting data processes, eliminated by the mentioned integration, as well as to the possibility of using Petrel’s tools and algorithms together with the DEnDE software.



  • Ocean Framework
  • Fortran
  • C#