SeisFlow go DEEP, go further!


The SeisFLow software solves one of the greatest challenges in today’s geophysics inside of the Seismic 4D world. The software is built over the S2S – Simulator-to-Seismic computational library, which consists in a library capable of, from a petroleum reservoir simulation’s result, generating a synthetic seismic cube that corresponds to a time step of that simulation. This synthetic seismic data can then be used in several ways, such as for history matching or for performing adjustments in the reservoir simulation model itself from comparisons realized between the generated synthetic seismic data and a real seismic data extracted from the corresponding field. DeepSoft contributed to the S2S library development and also developed the Petrel plug-in SeisFlow, that acts as a “bridge” between the S2S libraries and the Petrel software. The plugin SeisFlow for Petrel allows, from the execution of existing algorithms present in the S2S libraries kernel, to the S2S native user interfaces usage directly from inside of Petrel software.



  • Ocean Framework
  • C++
  • Qt
  • C#