ShaleGas go DEEP, go further!


Shale gas is a geological formation composed by several levels of porosity, where the gas remains stored in poros of different sizes and is absorbed on the surface of the organic matter due to intermolecular forces. The motivation for researching in this area comes from the increasing demand for alternative energy sources, combined with the estimates that the Brazilian shale reserves are of 220 tcf order (trillion cubic feet), ranking tenth among the world's reserves. One of the main goals of the Characterization, Multiscale Modeling and Numeric Simulation of Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs project was the construction of a scientific numeric simulator as a deliverable for Petrobras. In order to ensure a better use of this simulator, it was developed by DeepSoft a graphical user interface software named MS-ShaleGaS (Multiscale Shale Gas), which provides the mechanisms for creating the simulator's input files, run the simulator and, once having the simulation process finished, obtaining the simulation results data and graphically present it so the user can analyze it. The simulation data that can be visualized through MS-ShaleGaS mechanisms are mainly: Amount of gas; Fracture pressure; Matrix of pressure; Production of gas; Recovery factor.



  • C++
  • Qt
  • VTK - Visualization Toolkit