SIGER go DEEP, go further!


Built from a project included in the tematic research network entitled Simulação e Gerenciamento de Reservatórios - SIGER (Reservoir's Simulation and Management) , the software also called SIGER consists in a numeric simulation computer program capable of simulating fenomenons of multiphase flows along carbonate heterogeneous / porous deformable media, incorporating thus the assimilation of data and the geomechanical coupling with the rocks that are adjacent from the petroleum reservoir (Pre-salt application). In addition to the simulator created by LNCC, it was developed by DeepSoft a software capable of performing the simulator's data preprocessing, manage its execution, as well the loading of its resulting transient data generated from the simulation process. Besides that, DeepSoft also implemented several improvements in the simulator's parametrization files, including the adding of the concept of keywords, structural flexibilities with its format, among others (all using C++ and Fortran).



  • Fortran
  • C++
  • Qt
  • VTK - Visualization Toolkit